The need for #Health and #Sustainability

In my thoughts…
I’m amazed that people are quick to judge about health and green.  In the current elections I hear that we (middle class, low SES) do not need health and green from the Romey’s party…
I read how Obama wants to create more jobs, for us to be greener and have access to health. To create MORE Jobs in this country. Yet, other people (some Romney supporters) negate that fact that we need Health and Green in your lives. This is what it comes down to if you think with logic.
Well– here is your warning people. This earth is closing in and if we continue without the GREEN initiatives, we won’t be at all WAY sooner than later. #Sandy was a warning… It’s time for you to Take Action!
And regarding health, think populations, not just about yourself. How many people can we help with ObamaCare?  Answer: A LOT!  Stop being selfish when it comes to allowing the poor, the middle class, you and me have access to health.
November 6, 2012 is around the corner! And please don’t forget GREEN and HEALTH are at stake…
Help keep this world Healthy and Sustainable.
Side Note:
I’m amazed on how Humans can be so resilient in this world. It gets me every time, though my heart is filled with positivity and hope. They/We Go through soooo much and are able to stand together and Make a difference in each other’s life. My heart gets torn just a little bit more when I see the devastation that #Sandy did in the east coast… and in the pictures, the tears in people eyes make me tear up too. God continue to bless you and allow you to use the strength you already have.
xoxo- Jes Sofia Valle
Smile (If you want)

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