Developing Students for A Healthy Community

Developing Students for a Healthy Community Program (DSHC)
(DSHC) is an apprentice program at Bloggers of Health (BOH) to help Students learn Social Media. The goal of the program is to procure opportunities in all fields of study for our Bloggers of Health interns. In addition, we aim to enhance the participant’s professional opportunities while they provide direct services to communities.

Duties include but are not limited to the following:

• Using Social Media to Enhance Brands and their personal brand,
• Communities through blogging, micro blogging,
• Applications,
• Visual communication,
• And storytelling.

Apprentice Learning Outcomes:

• Professional Development
• Strategic communication: Public relations, Business communication, Health communication, Marketing,
• Civic engagement: Help with community campaigns, through community outreach and learning to mentor other students (pay it forward model)

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