Daily Quotes by Jes Sofia Valle

You can have your cake, but even making a cake has a process. –Jes Sofia Valle

Success thrives on passion, compassion and the ability to have a voice, and you can always have a voice. – Jes Sofia Valle

We are given test to pass, lessons to be learned and life to be lived and all these moments to be Thankful. Jes Sofia Valle

I’ve been very blessed to have been able to work with leaders of this nation, with leaders of our cities, with leaders of our world, all so I can come back and work and help create change in the cities I live in, the nations I live and help them grow more and more. Thankful. -Jes Sofia Valle

Supporting one another, that is how we make the world go round. The day we begin to judge our past is the day we should start to think of our future, How we can continue to move ahead and allow greatness, love, faith, forgiveness and overall acceptance of ourselves and others & move forward. Thus to Make (or continue to make) things happen for ourselves and others. –Jes Sofia Valle

Like you want to be heard, hear. Like you want to be spoken to, speak. —Jes Sofia Valle

The day you stop loving who you are is the day you need to look in the mirror look at who you have become, change what you must and through it all continue to tell yourself you love you all over again. The only person who can make you believe it is yourself.  Ooooooooh Child! – Jes Sofia Valle

Making you smile is more than a lot of people do for themselves. Reality check. Make sure you and yours are good. Jes Sofia Valle
Courtesy is one of the best peacemakers. #Fortune cookie
Remember there is always room for one more when it comes to doing what you are passionate about, enjoy, have fun and make it happen! –Jes Sofia Valle
Don’t assume things… ask them. –Jes Sofia Valle
Acting positive is different than being it….. If you going to be about it… really be it!
I need two or a few thousand miracles answered by tomorrow God. Thanks dude. 😀 – Jes Sofia Valle
Don’t forget to find your silver lining today! Everyday has many! Just have to see which one fits for you. –Jes Sofia Valle
I love my mommy! She always knows what to say when I’m in need of it. Treasure your parents.
If there is anything I can tell you today is to work through it. You can’t control life…work through it. –Jes Sofia Valle and Smile (if you want).
Have you ever wanted to freak out over something you have no control over but can’t because 1. You know you’re to remain calm and 2. You have no control over it so why bother. 3. It easier to keep your make up on instead of having it look like a zombie? Oh the joy… lol Jes Sofia Valle
Your choices are those… Choices. Things that allow you to have a will during your day. –Jes Sofia Valle
I hope you don’t let opportunity pass you by. Make the best of your week! Happy Monday Jes Sofia Valle
Don’t give up! Keep at it and when you’re at your goal… enjoy it! –Jes Sofia Valle
You accomplish great and awesome goals by doing… not by not doing. –Jes Sofia Valle
You have to empower yourself…and let others help you through it too –Jes Sofia Valle
The biggest challenge is looking back at you in a mirror…after that everything else is simple. –Jes Sofia Valle
If you speak of someone, speak of their strengths…not their imperfections. Uplift them don’t tear them down. –Jes Sofia Valle
When you allow greatness in your life, greatness will be in your life. –Jes Sofia Valle
Don’t let the hardships take away your smile. It’s yours after all. –Jes Sofia Valle 😀
Don’t let scariest moments make you appreciate the wonderful support you have and get. ♥ Appreciate them all the time! –Jes Sofia Valle
When you get scared be aware of the reality (meaning think) and strengthen yourself with faith, hope and love. –Jes Sofia Valle
You go through things for more than just one reason, and making these reasons positive is all on how you choose to see it. –Jes Sofia Valle
Time is the essence of which you make, give and take –Jes Sofia Valle
Respect yourself… and everyone will follow. –Jes Sofia Valle
When you are feeling tired of everything… take a nap. When you wake up…get at it…your greatness will always shine when you allow it to shine –Jes Sofia Valle
When your heart is vulnerable allow your logic to come in. Don’t get stuck in your emotional dilemmas…find ways in or out. –Jes Sofia Valle
When nervous… cook! When happy, cook! When hungry…cook! When you want to make your partner happy…cook! Everything always seems to be solved with cooking! –Jes Sofia Valle
Life isn’t fair, so what can you do about it? Just Live! Be happy! And don’t let the unfairness get to you! –Jes Sofia Valle
You can’t be known if you don’t say who you are. Jes Sofia Valle
Taking some risk to be the best at flying is never really taking a risk. It’s being determined to being your best at flying. –Jes Sofia Valle
When I choose to smile I’ve began a cycle of joy. –Jes Sofia Valle
You can be a person people have to deal with or you can be the someone people like to be with. It’s your choice. –Jes Sofia Valle
Don’t take your life for granted. Grant yourself the time to make your life wonderful. Only you can! It’s your life. –Jes Sofia Valle
The people, who want to be in your life, will be in your life. The ones that don’t will not be. Yes, it’s that easy. Don’t make it more difficult than it is for you. Live life, enjoy it with every fiber that you have. –Jes Sofia Valle
Keep your ground, stay grounded and keep your roots… they are there to keep you steady. –Jes Sofia Valle
I know that when it rain it pours… But with Rain, a fresh feel and new Life come and grows. I love rain! –Jes Sofia Valle
You live & Learn, you Learn & grow, and you grow & live. I hope you enjoy life today –Jes Sofia Valle
Find Love in you first…then you will be able to give and receive it. –Jes Sofia Valle
Walk until you cannot walk anymore. Jes Sofia Valle… brought to you by today’s super long walk… O_o lol.
You make it what you want to make it, but it is what it is. How you combine both is your outcome. –Jes Sofia Valle
What makes you Smile?
If there is something I’ve learned today is that no matter your stance in life kindness is just that… Kindness. Keep on being kind people! 😀 –Jes Sofia Valle
When you feel overwhelmed, take a moment to breath. Smile and Write a to do list. 🙂 Organize and go back to business! 🙂 –Jes Sofia Valle
Life, Such a blessing. Enjoy it with a smile. 😀 Don’t let the ‘off days’ make the rest of your days. ♥ –Jes Sofia Valle
Do like you dream. Dream what you do. Enjoy your night. –Jes Sofia Valle
Your dreams can become a reality if you make them happen!- Jes Sofia Valle
Monday: when you believe you can do it, it can be done. Everything seems to start with a thought. –Jes Sofia Valle
There no one else that will take care of you better than you once your a grown up. – Jes Sofia Valle
Sometimes Being quiet is good for many reasons… –Jes Sofia Valle
Make everything you have a value of treasure. If you can’t appreciate what you have, how can you appreciate more? –Jes Sofia Valle
‎”Every thing has a solution” you just have to be willing to work through to get there. –Jes Sofia Valle
Where they take care of you, go. Don’t go where you are not treated right. –Jes Sofia Valle
Donde de cuiden mejor, allí vete. No vayas a done no te tratan bien.-Jes Sofia Valle
Some of the many greatest things in life are those you help create with Joy! –Jes Sofia Valle
Would like for you to have an awesome and super productive that includes things you love to make you smile. Day!!! 😀 –Jes Sofia Valle
Walking… it makes me feel refreshed and gives me so much thinking and not thinking time. 😀 –Jes Sofia Valle
Its Wednesday…what is your expectation for today and what is your reality? How will you (and me) make an accomplishment to where your expectations (usually high) meet your current lifestyle/ways without placing you upside down? –Jes Sofia Valle
Love you the way you love others and vise versa –Jes Sofia Valle
Its hard being a Beauty Bean sometimes… –Jes Sofia Valle
The biggest influence you will have on the daily basis is the one that you look at every morning in the mirror. So challenge yourself –Jes Sofia Valle
Being is more that JUST being most times! 😀 –Jes Sofia Valle
Don’t forget to enjoy the simplicity of life. –Jes Sofia Valle
Gotta keep myself in mind in everything I do… Don’t forget you. –Jes Sofia Valle
Appreciate who, what, when, where and how you have…be in the moment when there…because you only have that moment once. –Jes Sofia Valle
Don’t let criticism break you, let it make you. And when told to you in a rough form, let them know. And take what you must from it and look at it as an opportunity to add something to your self that will make you stronger and better. Also acknowledged that not all criticism is meant for you. –Jes Sofia Valle
Don’t always assume that someone is out to hurt you, assumption is the cause of all – Jes Sofia Valle
Definitely define your day in the morning. –Jes Sofia Valle
Today I take my inspired thought from the cat that woke me up on the window… you have one life! Use it wise to live it well. –Jes Sofia Valle
Take the wrong bus and you will take a new avenue. –Jes Sofia Valle
Stopping yourself from Life’s opportunities, it’s like closing you to yourself. Love and embrace change for it will take you far. ~JSV
Sometimes your have to go through something to make something of it. ~JSV
Today will not be my yesterday, it will be more productive, and I will smile more and continue to be! -JSV
Sometimes a time to you away does a lot. –JSV
When your instinct tells you something is not right for you, no matter how beautiful the package, leave it alone. Learn to listen to you. ~JSV
No matter how many times in my life a barrier is placed, I refuse to give upon hope and happiness. They are mine, of which I thrive on and succeed upon. ~JSV
Something’s are just not meant to be for you at the moment you want them to be. But it doesn’t mean that you didn’t care any less about them. -JSV
Taking care of you means that you will be able to take care of your family and friends. JSV
Someone that doesn’t give you their time, are they worthy of your time? Think about it… -JSV
Your passion, what is it? Does it matter more or less than you? Make time for you…you cannot be passionate with out you there. JSV
When you allow yourself to be surrounded by greatness, greatness will allow you in. ~JSV
Sometimes life can be a bed of roses…filled with thorns, but beautiful all the same. I cut the thorns off & enjoy the beautiful roses. :-)- JSV
Sometimes being strong for others, means letting others be strong for you as you continue to be strong for yourself. Don’t give up so easily; life is worth everything you of what you make it. JSV
When feeling down, look up! -JSV
Feeling, seeing and tasting the ice melt away this is a lovely feeling. JSV
Strongly believes that change is the only true consistent thing… And that smiling has many forms. 😀 have a great and productive day! –JSV
Your feelings and thoughts are to be noticed by you and sometimes others. They are a form of an alert system that helps run you. Learn your self…so that you know how to better live with others. –JSV
I live because I’ve learned and love to live. I do because I choose to give. I remain me because no matter what, I still love being me. -JSV
For every fiber that you are, be. I hope you have a day filled with joy and accomplishments. –JSV
When one person leaves your life, someone else will come along. Just make sure they are giving you what you wanted and needed. And enjoy life! –JSV
Sometimes being worried is a waste of time. (Almost always). Let go of your thinking on that subject and see if you’re still breathing and alive after letting it go. –JSV
My biggest successes are all of them…even the ones that didn’t work out. ~JSV
Its what you allow… feel burnt out? What are you allowing to let you do so? -JSV
I’m going to smile and know everything has a process…then go somewhere and have fun. –JSV
Don’t let the “not being ready” stop you from “getting ready.” Everything has a process. -JSV
You are any less or more human than
the next person. Treat others how you want to be treated. 🙂 ~JSV
Sometimes we go full speed ahead…forgetting about the “we” part. Then when the “we” is to tired and or broken… “We” can’t forge ahead the way we “should or could.” make time for the “we”…going full speed can through you (we) to a loop. –JSV
When you wake up, what do you think of? Is that thinking benefiting you or placing you down? Does going through your day make you love life or dislike it? –JSV
Remember that everyone is not you; everyone is not the same. But we do have similar ideas and those ideas can bring us together. –JSV
All the strength you obtain with your challenges is what helps you through out life. When challenges occur, make sure you remember the strengths you learned from your past. These strengths will be your life tools for the great things in life. JSV
No matter how broken you believe you maybe, you are not that broken. Believe me! This too shall pass…on to the next thing!-JSV
Getting up is a gift. Remember that next time you breath. 🙂 And smile a little or a lot! You know you like to cheese!- JSV
Everyone has an off day here and there. Just start it over tomorrow. – JSV
Know you. Do you. Worry about you. You will be great once you make you great. Allow people to help you. You can do it alone…but that’s no fun. Once your great share you with the world. –JSV
When you are consistent with yourself, then you will be able to be consistent with others. And at some point, being consistent is needed and wanted. Operative words: Need, Want, Consistent. –JSV
Needing something, waaaaay different than wanting it. Get it right! –JSV
The things we want are usually the things we give…-JSV
No matter what happens in life…remember that you can’t control everything. But you can control how you react to life. So smile! And don’t let the little things get you riled up! – JSV
LOVE: an Idea, emotion and expectation. Everyone has it different…don’t you think? –JSV
Do what you say… Don’t be a person of just talk. Do! Only talk gets tiring really fast. -JSV
Don’t worry about the little things, for life is filled with them for you to treasure. JSV
When you make life worth living, nothing will stop you! Operative words: you make. –JSV
Whenever you are ready for something, then you are ready. If you are not ready…then you know that too. Believe in your self and do what best fits you. Fake is played out… –JSV
You see, you and your thinking is all you have at the end of the day. Granted, you can have everything you want, materialistic wise, but at the end of the day, it is you with you. Someone once told me, “”Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you respond to it.” I chose to have life, a smile, and allowed to have my… –JSV
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder…I say so is Joy, love and happiness. –JSV
Everything we go through or have is a blessing…even though if you may feel that it isn’t so at first. Think about it and you will see. – JSV
Life isn’t perfect. But you can still smile and be you even though its not. Don’t be so hard on your self all the time. 🙂 JSV
Sometimes the feeling after may not be for long. Always be ready for the after effects, weather they be bad or good. -JSV
In love, when your walls are up- you guard your own self from the things that you want. When lowered you find your self-allowing communication, bliss and joy and most of all love. –JSV
I say just be!!!!! –JSV
Sometimes in order to have better you, you must let go of some of the old you. –JSV
We ask why many times, when we can ask how, what and where. Make it a productive day all! –JSV
When you go through something easy or hard in life, don’t forget to keep your chin up. Everything happens for a reason. –JSV
Everything you go through weeds out all you don’t need in your life and gives you what you do need. –JSV
Sometimes you just have to start all over and help by what you know. –JSV
When you least expect it… it happens. So be patient… it usually comes around. Just keep busy and smile! –JSV
You can do what you allow yourself to do. –JSV
Communication. The key to everything. No matter how scared you may be of talking and expressing yourself… it’s a have to. –JSV
Actions and thoughts…two totally different things. –JSV
There is always more than one reason why you are in this world. Its up to you to allow and find out what reasons these are. Enjoy your search! –JSV
Smile…be beauty personified today! Everyday! -JSV
When you think you have more to do that you can handle, make a list must and waits. Boundaries: the words yes and no come to mind. –JSV
Sometimes the lessons learned come back for phase two, just remember what you learned in phase one and learn some more. –JSV
Giving yourself a day for you is needed. Helping others with out helping yourself isn’t helping whom you want to help… –JSV
When you allow things to move, they do just that! Move! –JSV
Don’t allow your past to have a real hold on you. Hold on to your now and a super great future! Make your life, yours. –JSV
For every fiber that you are, be. I hope you have a day filled with joy and accomplishments. –JSV
The world is meant for more that just you… share and love and be! –JSV
When you know its time to let go, then do so. Just remember its you allowing yourself to let go. When you want to grab on.. Do just so. Make a choice…at the end of the day its you dealing with you. –JSV
When life overwhelms you, take time to breath and remain focus on your goals. –JSV
Through the hardest of times…you have a choice to smile. – JSV
Sometimes you are thrown in a hole to get yourself out so that you know you can trust your self. –JSV
Hope is more than just waiting; it’s also making something happen. -JSV