Bloggers & Their Health

December 13, 2013

Blogging is an important component to the world of social media. We are like the “promotoras” to the brands, the feet to many companies now and the voice that people laugh at, hear, cry with and most defiantly listen to.

But with that comes the fact that many of us don’t take care of ourselves. We don’t have a routine, we don’t sleep, we don’t eat well and all the free food and things we get and try may not always be healthy for us… especially when we are already struggling.

So this is why we are here. We would like to help, motivate and educate bloggers to care for them selves. Our company will defiantly post things to bring this goal and many others in helping the blogging communities come together and help each other. Especially when it comes to help.

For the past year, we have partnered up with top brands and companies that want to help make this happen. We want to be able to provide elements to help you find your own balance. We don’t believe that there is a certain way everyone should do things… we do believe that as an individual blogger you can do things in your way with out jeopardizing you life, health and family.

We hope we can support you in your journey.

Jes and BOH Team


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