Being Kind

For many, the act of kindness is everyday. For others, it’s been a difficult time to learn how to be kind. Neither is right or wrong. The fact that you are trying says a lot about your wanted ability. Like with everything, for some it takes lots of practice, and in practicing you end up learning more about yourself. Now, learning some hard stuff about yourself isn’t always a positive, so I recommend that if you are not use to doing this, to go to a therapist to help you process learning how to be kind. It can be tough and again, that is normal.

Learn to be kind to yourself First

So how are you kind to yourself first?

When you feel something is off, trust your instincts.

When life gives you options, do what you feel will make you feel happiest with not regrets (ie don’t choose drugs over a good run to bring your adrenaline up)

When upset at yourself, give your self grace because you are either about to learn a lesson, or you just finished learning a lesson. Ask yourself what did I learn from this so I won’t go through it again.

When you have to make a hard choice, be happy that you have choices to make.

What if you have a done something horrible?
call a therapist and talk it through. Life is to short to not work it out with yourself and someone that is trained to understand.
when you have doubts… write them down.
come back to them and revisit when you’ve given yourself a day or two to think it through.

If this is stressful? Make a cake , do some yoga and deep breathing 😮‍💨 know that all will be well and you’ve got this! Be kind to you. Once you begin to be kind to you all starts to fall into place.

Once you’ve practiced to be kind to you, then you will know and have grace to be kind to others.

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