Support System: Living Life

I have to say, Life is wonderful. From everything I have been through I’ve always had support:

Lets make a list real quick of my personal struggles:

Age 11: Broken knee
  Age 11& 12 : Dislocated Hip-surgery
Arthritis starts
Age 14: Fractured elbow
Age 17: Dislocated Foot
Age 18&21: Mest up knee again (Volleyball)
Age 24: Skin cancer
Age 24: Herniated spine disc
Age 27: Lumbar Spine Fusion…
Finally better… No pain! 
Age 28: Car accident 6 months later!!!
Age 28: Possible future cancer? A scare!
Current Recouping

Did I forget anything.. crazy huh? Sounds unbelievable…but trust… it all in my records

I have to say. I have been able to overcome all this with support! If it were not for the awesome support and love that I have I would not know where I would be.

It is very important that you find awesome support.
 What to look for: 

  • People with WILL, FAITH, and a SMILE! 
  • People that will want you to rise from the depths of whatever you are in. 
  • Who will lend a hand when your too prideful to ask for it. 
  • Who will tell you the truth 
  • Who honor your choice and remind you of the consequences 
  • Who don’t push you down when you need to be uplifted 
  • Who can be there, even with a simple text
  • Who can make you LAUGH! 
  • Who will be a shoulder to cry on. 
  • Who understands that they are not you.. and they can try to fit into your shoes…

All of this does NOT have to come from one person. Moreover, it can be different people. A group of friends who really care about you. And want to understand the chaos you try to avoid. This is not only for people who have gone through chronic pain. This is also for anyone who has gone through Life.

Living life to its fullest in any capacity has its need of comrades. Not everyone will understand the relationships with another because each relationship is individual and give your something different from the next one. This is OK. Just make sure you are well balanced. Are receiving the support you need. Also giving back. Because just receiving is one things…and it get boring to both parties. You have to Give.

So next time you are going through something, have a friend to speak to. Count on someone. And learn to be there for someone too.

I wish you all the best! All the Awesome support in the world! Because Life is worth living with everyone you want around you.

Smile (if you want)

I’m happy Because I choose to be,
Jes Sofia Valle 😀


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