Self-Culture and Balance

Lets read about Self Culture. Self-Culture you say? ๐Ÿ˜€

Self-Culture is…

You (say it with me… ME!). Self (ME) culture is mostly based on how you conduct your life. What are the everyday things you do, say, feel, touch and hear basically all YOUR senses.

Parts of you is how you live through your own quality of life (Where you live, how you style or not style yourself, what toothpaste you use!) Moreover, youโ€™re placed worth as person (I like to think I’m Shera sometimes). And at times how we allow society to view our persona (this is a super small part because you cannot control how other’s view you.) With Your Self Culture comes what captivates you, gives you a rise, what you require to be excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc. Self-Culture = you.

This also means knowing your ethnic culture, who you are in your ethnic culture, whether you are Latina, Mayan, Aztec, Latino, Black, Belizean, Guatemalan, African-American, American, Caucasian, Native American, Blue man group, Mexican, Asian, White Which ever Ethnic Culture that is Lucky to have you… Know that part too and how you fit or don’t fit in it.

Sounds overwhelming doesn’t it? It is not. You probably already do it and you don’t even know it.

Taking (noticed I said TAKING) balance means being you but also being aware of what “YOU” are doing. Sometimes, we become so “overwhelmed” that we feel and think that we forget to do things, go to places etc. But, If we paid more attention to our Self Culture; on the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN AND HOW of our lives, we will then, be able to see what we want and need. AND what we don’t want and don’t need.
You can create your balance. Yes sometimes we need someone to give us a nudge, and that too is VERY OK. (I ask for nudges by my peers and friends too). But once you become aware of you and your culture, surroundings and who you are, you take even more control. Some of us need to take less control sometimes too. That is just part of the balancing act.

So here are some ways you can create balance:

* Define your day
* Remind yourself who you are (keep is positive!)
* Write things down if you must (I DO!)
* Tell yourself what you want to accomplish. (Put it out into the world so it can come to you).
* Be aware of your surroundings
* Be aware of whom you are with
* And Trust yourself to live balanced.

All this takes time to happen. They say it takes 21-23 days to start up a habit. So try it out.

Learn you, Live Life, Love and Be!
Jes Sofia Valle

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