Re: #CTKids, The need for Mental Health Services.

I wrote this on my Facebook the day after the Elementary Shooting in Connecticut. I’m hoping you read this and remind yourself that there are people who want to help you and your children.


A reminder to follow your instinct, to obtain help for your children when you know something is wrong. If you are going through a situation…asking for help and obtaining mental health services is your strong choice. You do have an instinct, use it. Obtain services to allow children to express their thoughts and feelings and help prevent situations like today. As a child and Family psychotherapist, I can tell you, I work with kids on a daily basis and weather you believe it or not, children do listen through the walls, know what is going on when you choose to argue or fight “quietly.” Children feel when they don’t get enough attention and you are busy working all day. Children are the yous of tomorrow. Obtaining services only means you are doing everything in your power to make sure your kids gets all the help in this world to become a better person. And you have to be an active part of treatment, you cannot send children to us and expect us to fix them…you have to be an active participant in your child’s treatment. #mentalhealth

I’m sad every time I think about it,

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