Questions to Find a Positive you.

I come across a lot of people who want to find themselves. Most of them are still finding themselves. Others are going through a “midlife crisis” and other just have never had the opportunity to get to know themselves. 
Today I want to give you a few Questions to learn how to BEGIN to find a positive self. Honestly, you are always growing so you will ALWAYS find something great about you when you are looking for it. 
Some of the questions are: 
*THINK POSITIVE* (That was a Statement) 🙂
What are positive things about you?  
If you need some help here are some basic ones to start you off: 
You are currently reading, breathing, here, alive and you have a life.
So you can start by stating: “I am _____(fill in the gap with a positive)” 
What do you Like to do that helps you have a Moment of feeling free and alive with out hurting your self (mind, body and Spirit) ? 
It is important to know your likes in this world. They are the things that allow you to keep on going. 


Who do you enjoy life with? 
The people you allow in your life are the people who encourage you, think positive, have hope and make sure you are doing well from time to time, sometimes on a daily or weekly. 
You don’t have any? They start talking to someone. Go to meet ups. Go to the places you enjoy and see who else has things in common with you. 
How do you enjoy life? 

The things you do to enjoy life are the things that give you passion, drive and ambition. They help you to where you need to get to.

Need help with this? Ask a friend out and let them help you…just tell them what you are going through.

Who do you allow in your life? And What positive “ness” do they bring to you? 
This is an important questions because although you may be strong, we are usually almost always influenced by the people we surround ourselves with in our lives. 

This means we have to go out there and surround ourselves. 
What do you want to accomplish today? 
Remember that Small goals get you to the bigger ones.
Do goals that you know you can reach and then keep on accomplishing the goals.

Give your self a Mantra to live by. 
Mine is: Keep Me Positive, Happy, Healthy and Stay ALIVE
You are enough for what you want to do in life. AND know that doing things with other people is what human kind is all about. Working with others allows you to grow and allows you to learn more. I hope this helps you to Begin to think Positive! Now go out there and make you happen. 🙂

If you need further assistance there are many Many Mental Health people who want help you.
If you are having thoughts of harming yourself please call 911.

Smile (If you want to),

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