Living the American Dream

     You know, I’ve been a Latina for 28 years, ten months, 24 days, 7 hours and 28 mins (as I write) now. I have to say… it is an awesome adventure. I also, blend well with other cultures because at the end of the day we are all people. No matter my different experience, the way I grew up, my culture what my people or other’s people have been through… I choose to be open-minded about who I am and I am open to others. Why? Continue to read…

This week I went to Eva Longoria’s “Latinos Living the American Dream” documentary.
The documentary produced and directed by Eva Longoria Parker portrays who Latinos are in America and how we choose to live our American Dream(s). This project was co-sponsored by Pepsi Co/@pepsiYOSUMO.

After watching this awesome, simple (a good thing), and encouraging documentary, I was compelled to watch other cultural documentaries. Watching them made me realized how close we all (humans) are. We all came or where brought here for something or the other. We were asked to forget our ways, yet most of us are able to make it through loving who we are.  We all have will, and will to live here in America. If you wanted to leave, then you would work hard towards that goal to leave. Nevertheless, we are here, making, working, living, loving, growing, laughing, crying, and being.  

Everything you or I have gone through in Life in America reassures the follow about life here in [insert your own place of living here] America, California, Los Angeles, Mid-Los Angeles, My home: 

  • The only constant in life is change. 
  • We make what you want out of your life and your circumstances.
  • We choose to triumph through your super great life or pain and for some, horrible circumstances. 
  • We choose to smile. 
  • We all have “Love and Passion” for something.
  • Life will give your test… quitting is an option, but a lesson is not learned if your do not work your way through it. 
  •  We may look and feel different, have gone through different/same circumstances… But we all have gone through something at some point. 
  • No one is perfect, given, but we can choose to try to be the best we can be. 
  • And from my point of view, I choose to be open-minded, because I enjoy being…being with others, being a human “bean”.

Life is Beautiful… Enjoy it, Love it, Live it balanced and Smile at it (if you want). 

Jes Sofia Valle 
WATCH: Eva Longoria Premieres "Latinos Living The American Dream" for the Pepsi Yo Sumo Project


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