is it bad to fall asleep in Yoga class?

I went to a yoga class today. I will say I was impressed with how the lady was able to make her body move. I however, though I needed the extra push to make it happen.
I looked around and yes, I was the only round butt in the class. And people stared back at me. SO I smiled. Some didn’t smile back. Any who, this being my first time in this class, I figure I would talk to someone… boy was I ignored! I thought, well, they are probably not here to meet people anyways.

So class started. And I was very much the odd ball. Everyone had blue or black matt’s… I had a PINK one. People had lilac, blue, or white hair, and I had all black. I did all the positions that I could, and when I did not do a few, the teacher called me out on it. I replied by saying I have a stubborn Hip. A few people chuckled… and some people empathized. Oh, did I also mention I seemed to be the youngest kid in the block? Yeah… It was an interesting class.

While doing the whole relaxation stage, I went into deep sleep. I didn’t even notice when I went to sleep. The instructor told me class was over while she shook me. And there was an old lady sleeping too. So I didn’t feel so bad.

On my way out, the same old lady said, honey, I think you were in the wrong class. This was yoga for people who have arthritis. I said, babe, I’ve had a dislocated foot, hip, elbow, broken knee and two spine surgeries… I think I fit in pretty well. She laughed and said, welcome. I’m bionic too! I could not stop laughing!

It’s the small things that make me laugh. This was defiantly one of them. I hope you have a great day!

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