I suggest you learn the word: Boundaries

I’m an advocate for taking care of “me.” And my close friends know that I was not like that before. You see… I use to be the girl that use to do over 20 projects at one time. No kidding. And I ALWAYS wanted to please everyone. But I had a REALITY CHECK! And although I was thriving, my body wasn’t, it was depleting. I saw that I was not pleasing myself, body, emotions, thoughts… Which should have been my first project.

“Even the smartest people have their air moments” JSV

I suggest you learn the word: Boundaries

These are SOME questions I ask myself before taking on a task:

1. Will this make me money?
2. Will I able to TRULY handle this?
3. What is time line this will take away from me?
4. How do I truly feel about this project?
5. Do I really want to do this?

These are reasonable questions. Questioning something you do is more profound than you think.

A scenario: We get bottled up in a routine, of which we become mechanical in doing something. Which then, may lead to you being Unhappy. You being Unhappy then allows for you to suffer more in the end. Being “unhappy” is a though. If your thinking allows your body to be chemically imbalance, then your body goes bonkers. And then, you are not even able to do what you hate or love to do because you are not there.
Sometimes, this takes a long time to happen. Sometimes you may never know that you are going through it because you are so very busy that you don’t feel it. But your body does, and you being disconnected with your body…well you already know that not well at all.

SO…next time you take another project think about your self; Your Body, Your mind, your emotions/thoughts. Place yourself first. Don’t forget about your family if you have one, or your friends if they are your family.

When you are happy, healthy and able to be on the Go, you will be able to do what you love and more! JSV

Jes: I am still working through getting better for me, so that I too can do more of what I love to do. Don’t forget it is a process. JSV

Live Life, Love and Be!

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