Honey for Healing? YES!

This summer I was able to join a group of ladies for a Mini Spa day in Larchmont, Ca. Thanks to the Honey Board!  I was thrilled that I was actually able to enjoy Nature’s sweet, Honey.
Honey at the Spa was used as a facial mask, along with oatmeal to help cleanse the skin. I love the idea of using natural products to help our skins feel revamped. I had the pleasure of meeting the reps for Honey! I called them the honey Bees!!! (Yeah I know, I couldn’t resist!) They were so kind and really helped us create a nest.
And Of course I’ve done my research on Why Honey is so important in health. So here you go!
Did you know that Honey is a Healer?
I mean, when you’re sick, your mom always tells you to drink tea con (with) Honey! When you want to cuddle you go to your Honey! Oh wait… this is a different type of Honey. They are nice too…
“Already in ancient times honey was used as a drug and for the treatment of wounds. In recent years the different effects of honey on wound-healingprocesses.” It has been shown that “In the treatment of poorly healing and infected wounds within the head and neck area, medical honey can be used successfully without problems as an effective alternative to conventional treatment options. Constant treatment leads to fast wound lavation, granulation, reduction of putrid smells and a decrease in inflammation.[1]” So basically when you have something going on on your head or neck area you can usually treat it with some sweetness, Honey! … Now, Now not the other honey…. I’m talking about Honey! Ok I’m getting confused now so I will stop that.
I also read that HONEY can help heal superficial burn injuries. And do you know why? It has natural antibiotic agents that help promote healing and prevents so much more from happening to your skin [2]. So the cheerleader in me has to say it!  Give me an H- (H you got your H)…ok I’m done.
Now, like with anything I tell you. I will ask you to Please check with your doctor to make sure that you are treated accordingly. But thus far, Honey is a sweet!
Thank you Honey Board!

Smile (If you want)

1. Knipping S, Grünewald B, Hirt R., (2012)[Medical honey in the treatment of wound-healing disorders in the head and neck area] 2012 Sep;60(9):830-6.

2. Lloyd EC, Michener M, Williams MS. (2012) Outpatient burns: prevention and care. 2012 May 1;85(9):25-32

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