Gained a lot.

I have to say, I am very happy that I ran for delegate, didn’t get the title but gained a lot! 

I gained experience for my next race. I gained a voice where no one knew me and was able to inform people Quien (who) I am.  I gained confidence in my abilities to speak in public even more. I gained experience, education, sanity and understanding.
I also learned how people “play politics.” And how what my mother always told me, “When someone says something to you about anyone else, wait think and then respond accordingly with out demeaning them like they did with you or the other person. Always lift people up, never speak ill about others.”  Will allow you to keep your grace and calm. 

If you only knew the back scenarios, drama and intensity amongst runners… Yeah, Those show Scandal or Revenge would love to have a scene like this one… or maybe the Office? LOL
I also learned how to knock on this specific door so It can open. 

I have to say…don’t be afraid of failure, be afraid to the what ifs…

So get out and do something good. Never say Never, as Justin Bibber would sing and my niece would dance to… (OMGOSH she’s got that fever, no joke… SMH).  You would be surprised how many “never” I’ve negated these past few years.
Side Note total 180 here…
ALSO, While I’m at it here… for you Journalist out there writing… (yes, I’m blogger) when speaking about a person with a mental illness, you can say mental illness. Don’t be afraid of saying it, your not hurting anyone. If you say a person with an illness has health, then you are pretty much negating the fact that they have something. Gracias.
Smile (If you want) 

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