Decreasing your Anxiety Tips

Anxiety is a part of life. With out it we may not be aware of many things.  We would be LIKE a Zebra with out its instincts and could not run away from its lion predator.  But to over due it, we would be an unable to function Zebra. To help decrease your anxiety here are some things you can begin doing:

  • Notice what kind of Anxiety you may have:
    •  Taking Notice helps you look and search for the things you may use to help you decrease the anxiety.
    • It also helps you become aware that you have anxiety
  • Ask your self, “What do I like to do that brings me a smile and leaves me relaxed?”           

  For some it can be:            

    •  Biking
    •  Walking or running at the beach.
    •  Walking your dog.
    •  Cooking
    •  Singing… you get it.

    Make sure you do what you like in moderation.

            A reminder:

    • “Exercise relaxes the body and also contributes to the release of endorphins, the body’s natural “feel good” chemicals. Virtually any type of exercise is beneficial for reducing stress, from jogging to swimming to taking a brisk walk around the block. (Quality Health, 2011)


  • Breathing
    • This is a basic of life right. Most of the times, it is as simple as that.
    • How do you do it you may ask?
    • Breath in deeply through your nose, keep your mouth closed, and hold it a few seconds.
    • You will feel your chest expand.
    • Breath out by blowing it slowly out through your mouth.
    • Repeat it until you feel calm.
  •  Do nothing
    • When you have a lot of things going on, when you are overwhelmed.
    • Sometimes you can chill, sit back and relax.

  •  Seek Help
    •  Seeking help is always an option. Consider therapy. Speaking to a professional is awesome.  They can provide you with tools that can help you specifically for you and the type of anxiety you may be having. There is an array of things you can do specifically to help you.

I Hope these few tips help you.

Smile (If you want)

Jes Sofia Valle (repost of 2011)

References:  (Jan. 13, 2011) Quality Health.

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