BOMBSHELL: Lily Aldridge, Victoria’s Secret Model knows the Basics About Life

I had the pleasure to speak to Lily Aldridge while she promoted the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell fragrance (It is now on of my favorite scents).
Lets see what we can learn or be reminded by her:

JesSofia: What do you like about being a bombshell?

Lily Aldridge:
I like that I get to promote a fragrance like Bombshell. The life in fashion is fun and I really enjoy it.

JesSofia: When you are busy working and promoting during a hectic period like this, the middle of fashion week, what are the things you like to do to take care of yourself?

Lily Aldridge: I like to go home and relax. Work out. I also sometimes sit in front of the TV and vegg. I think that relaxing is what I can do for My Body and myself. I work hard, so I want to rest well when I get home.

JesSofia: Thank you! It was a pleasure to meet you. (Smile)

Lily Aldridge: Same to you. (Smile)

There you have it. Lily Aldridge, considered one of the world’s most beautiful people (a “BOMBSHELL”), knows that she needs to care of herself by not just working hard to make a living, but also by making time for herself.

All Ladies go buy BOMBSHELL the fragrance! All Gents go buy your lady BOMBSHELL the fragrance. Make them smile! 🙂

Make time for you like Lily Aldridge does after the end of the day. We are always on the “go.” It is not a bad thing AT ALL!

Take care of you, Love you, be you! And let others do the same.

And smile (If you want) 😀

Jes Sofia Valle

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