Working Out & Therapy

Therapy is a process where you are Asked to be Committed for a few months to work on you, emotionally and in other ways. Most often therapist will also ask you about your physical health regimen. Usually they will ask you to get a physical and begin to hit the gym or nature for walks. But why?

Here are some reasons why Working out and Therapy work well together.

  1. Our minds run based on what we give our body. We feed it trash, we feel like trash. We feed it well, we run well. Think about it like the oil in the car… You have to change it in order for your motor to work. And while in therapy a therapist needs you to get all your bases covered so that we don’t miss anything, and we are able to get you over the hump.
  2. Working out feels good! Our bodies secrete hormones and we must learn to listen to out body. The more you work out the better you feel. 1
  3. Our Body actually tells us when we have pain when something is wrong.2 So Listen to it! A lot of us don’t like to listen to our bodies… and that is where going to therapy can come in… they can help you realize why you are not listening to yourself.
  4. Talking about your anger and feelings is great and it helps you gain insight about yourself, but guess what, workout after words helps you not only work though the insight you had in session, more so you get to release it though exercise and think about what insight you gained in your session. You think about what is going on and use the Coping skills, the deep Stuff that you and your therapist came up with to help you through the process.
  5. Last But not least. Therapy and Exercise gets you to a strong point, both mentally and physically. And guess what? The body cannot work with out your brain. With both, You are hitting all your “Weakness” and making them in your strength. You want to be able to work with a whole you, not just a half.

I hope this gives you some insight on Why Therapy and Physical Fitness is important.

Tell us your reasons why you work out and Have a therapist? Tell us how it goes.

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Note: We suggest you obtain services. All you work through will be between you and your therapist and fitness coaches. We are NOT liable for your choice. We do however congratulate you on obtaining help. Stay in your positive journey and Enjoy it!


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