Sexual Abuse: The Fear Was Real

Sexual Abuse: The Fear Was Real

I was about 7-8 Years Old. And I was introduced to a male part. I didn’t love him. I didn’t know him. I didn’t know what was being done to me. But I knew he hurt me. He was a distant relative. My mouth was shut every time he hurt me. He told me I would loose my family if I said anything. I would fear every time and I wanted to tell someone. I told my teacher that I was still sad about my aunts death 5 years later when I cried uncontrollably in class. She gave me a bunny to help me through the pain. Then I dislocated my hip. This was my blessing. He did not touch me after that. He got married then he went to jail.

I never said anything until I told my therapist and they helped me tell my parents. I was 28 years old. My parents provided love and understanding. My parents never knew and they where in disbelief, yet believed all I said. They where there in more ways than one. At our kitchen table one night… When I told them my aweful experience. I felt free to have completed my own Trauma Focus Narrative with my parents. They read it. And we hugged. I reminded them that it wasn’t their fault and they asked questions. My father was filled with anger and my mother cried. Not at me, for me. It was ok to tell my story while he was still alive. I felt free, empowered, filled with freedom and my family was still ok, alive and well. I told my best friends. They where supportive and many didn’t know what to say. But I knew that they were my sisters and they wouldn’t leave me because of it.

I want you to know that you will always have someone that cares. That even if they are not your family, someone will be there for you. I struggle through a lot of fear because of someone else’s choice upon me.

I decided to take control of me, the only person I can control and I made someone out of me. I’ve worked through a lot of pain in my life time, both emotional and physical. And I want you to know that your not alone in this.

If you need someone to listen or help you through the moments where you feel you won’t make it… Call for help.

National Help Line:
Call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit the online treatment locators.

You too can overcome sexual abuse, excel in life with love, compassion and style. I learned that I’m not broken. In deed, I learned that I’m fabulous and don’t I know it!



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