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There is something interesting about having a bad day, more interesting when that bad day can turn into a good day just because you spruced yourself up a little.

Personal hygiene is a frequent topic I ask when someone is sad, down, low… you name it. Why? Because usually when people are not taking care of their physical, they are not doing well inside either.  Have you had days where you just don’t want to shower and you want to stay on the couch because you are in a funk? That is what I am talking about… not always a good smelling thing eh?
You see, taking care of your personal hygiene is VERY important because It can help you feel good about yourself. It helps you not smell so others won’t look at your weird for smelling so bad, which helps decrease you feeling insecure. When you comb your hair and brush your teeth you are telling yourself that you are working to make yourself look good. You are showing yourself that you care about you. It is a habit that can happen.
Make-Up & Style
Dressing up can also help bring that bad day into a good day.  If you are a lady you can wear some make up (if you’re into that). Some Covergirl make-up can help with that along with some sweet mascara and some lipstick.

Ladies: You can dress up; use up your girl/woman card. Some cute bangles, some popping’ heals and your dreaded day becomes an “oh cool, this is cute day.”
Sometimes simple things are good for you. It helps bring back that smile, uplift you through feeling beautiful in and out.

Men:  Try a nice suit, or slacks and a button down. It’s nice to look good once in a while. If you’re in a job that doesn’t allow a button down, wear that smile and help increase that confidence.  You can always look good if you want to.
So Next time you are feeling low, sad or just in a funk, try sprucing yourself up! It doesn’t hurt, it can help.
Hope you have a beautiful day.

Smile (if you want)


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