How to Lose Weight: The real Math…Jes’ Thoughts

So yesterday I so happen to be at the LEAD Summit in San Bernardino and Long and behold an awesome math teacher spoke about how Math is soooo important when it comes to education because it helps. Which is funny because an awesome person sent me this video a few days ago and I loved how this was explained. You see… I’m in the process of working on my core body so I can one day again play volleyball. I know… How can someone with a Degenerative Disc Disorder play volleyball?!!  Same question as how can someone who couldn’t feel or walk with her legs… walk? Answer…one can jump hurdles when we place our minds to it.

Well, if I do it right and I tighten up my core I can at least play ever so often.

Any who,  I was looking at this last night again and I loved it. I found this Math explained video to be interesting… I got edumicated. It gave me a better understanding on how I can continue to work on my body, how to be patient and not expect rapid results. I’m working hard for me and it is awesome as I am expecting to be core strong soon enough. I am EXCITED!

So here you go… watch the video up top. It will give you a better perspective on how to lose weight the healthy way… all explained with good science…and math. 🙂

Slowly but surely.

Smile (if you want),

Jes Sofia

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