How to Keep Your Health While Being an Influencer.

Keep your health while being an influencer

Influencers are committed, consistent, creative, idea driven, motivating and obviously…influential people. They too become overwhelmed, stressed but they just know how to work it so no one knows.

So How do you use your influence to help your health?

Here are five simple steps to help you keep your health while being an influencer:

1. Do what you love doing.
Most often once you are an influence of something you are placed in a box of the influence you are a part of. I say if the box is what you love stay in it. If it isn’t well go outside the box. When you love what you do you are happy. Happy wife happy life? Not married that’s ok your married to being an influence.

most influentials usually have the first one down because they became an influencer though being who they are… But just incase…

2. Consistency:
Influencers are consistent most of the time… Guess what? Your human- #Take5 minutes to help you recharge a few times during your day. We are not telling you to stop… But we are suggesting you take time to chill, slow your mind and body to relax. Keep that consistent, then work hard so you can play harder.

3. Commitment:
Stay committed to you. As an influencer you are pushed and pulled and most of the time on the go. So stay committed to (______<your name), you. Make sure that with in your schedule you add #MeTime.

You don’t have time? … Well guess who is boss?! You are so make the time to take care of you. Think: Health, mental health and your soul’s HEALTH Too.

4. Creativity:
Influencers are most of time creative. Well it’s time to get creative with your health. I speak from experience… I would put my job before my health… But guess what? It doesn’t turn out well… So I had to learn to keep me alive before I became a dead influencer. Be creative, have your meetings in a #dailywalk. Talk to people while you are taking a stroll and then continue with your walk.

And five!

5. Motivate:
Once you are able to schedule your #Take5 minutes for you in your happy influential position because you like what you do and are able to be creative where you are at in your life…. Then others will follow and do the same. After all, you are influential right?
Stay influential. Stay alive. Hopeful and motivated. Keep it healthy, keep it going!


Jes Sofia Valle
Global Influential.

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