Ten simple tips in Bringing your Ideas to action while Recuperating.

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So there are many things you can do while you are recuperating. I can tell you for a fact that there are… Bloggers of Health was a product of recuperations.

Let me tell you our short story…

So I (Jes…yes me) couldn’t walk… more to come in the book for that one. But while I was bored out my wits end and wishing that the aliens overtook my body and magically did some new spine experiment to make me walk again… I decided to stay busy. Well, first I was looking for new spines in the black market… but I only found the white and black market where they sell super cute clothes so that was a bust… then I was looking for health blogs in English and Spanish to find others who had the same stuff I had, mind you this was back in 2010… like 100 years ago. So… here came Jes with her brilliant Ideas wanting to make a voice for a population who didn’t have one. I ended up finding people who blogged and from there a whole bunch of fun began. JesSofiaSays was born and then after working hard in it…became Bloggers of Health. Recently i’ve been standing still (recouping) and another part of my hope for my blog began… (which ill show you later in a few months). And that how Bloggers of Health became.

So since I’ve coached many how to do this, I figured i’ll give you ten tips:

  1. Just do it! Write down your plan. This help because if you are like me, you may forget it after you say oh hey I have an idea!
  2. Tell someone about it, preferably someone you trust and not someone who would take your idea and run with it, without you… I’ve seen this oh soon much. It’s actually happened to me before too.
  3. Go to SCORE and find someone to help you develop a plan and get all you need to get done to make sure your idea becomes an action.
  4. Keep at it until someone listens to you.
  5. Find funders and associate yourself with startup weekends to help you develop your ideas. These are like 54 hours of crazy intense weekends to help you develop your strategy and most times venture capitalist or awesome peoples like so and me are there helping you develop.
  6. Stay hydrated and take care of yourself. Most people forget that an idea can take the life out of you if you are not taking care of yourself… so you must do that.
  7. Continue to walk (if your doctor allows you and I meant this metaphorically)! When you are in pain after surgery and thinking OMGOSH i’m soon bored and i’m feeling soooooo like I can’t do anything… Well, after taking your pain meds and a nappy nap… make sure you continue to draw, write, or tell your story to people who are listening. Though I will caution you… don’t write online when you are on deluded, vicodines (meds) and about to fall asleep because of your meds… people tend to notice when you are high on line. Yeah spine surges where no joke.
  8. GO online and see who in your circles are entrepreneurs, the ones that are making it happen and ask for help.
  9. Oh yeah… did I mention you HAVE to take care of yourself first? Well,… yes. A must do!!
  10. Read and do your research in depth and ask yourself if you have a hobby or an idea that is needed in the world. Being real with yourself is important.

Apparently Bloggers of Health was defiantly needed when I started because we’ve been award winning for ages not. And I’m sooooo thankful for that.

I hope you recuperate soundly and in the time provided for you do recuperate. I also hope you don’t get so bored while doing it so.

Smile if you want,


P.S Follow your doctor’s instructions… they went to school for this! X-D

You never know…

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