Pumpkin dark chocolate Muffins

About a year ago, I read an article calling out food bloggers who seemed to be locked into the timing and themes of their posts. The writer ridiculed bloggers for simultaneously drowning readers with egg recipes during the spring, frozen popsicle recipes in the summer, pumpkin recipes during the fall, and cookie recipes throughout the holidays. I laughed because…well, it’s true. Although I still consider myself a novice in the world of blogging, I know that certain recipes have their seasonal appeal. What else is a blogger to do? Your audience seeks, you deliver, aaaand (hopefully) get a flood of readers going to your web site. Makes sense to me, but as always, you have those who sneer at the masses…and in this case, the sneering spoke to me.

– See more at: http://christywilsonnutrition.com/pumpkin-dark-chocolate-muffins/#sthash.lERqK0ND.dpuf

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