Forward We Must: My reason to VOTE

Hi All,

Here is a brief on why I fight for #4moreyears.  For those that don’t know me, I’m Jes Sofia Valle. I’m a psychotherapist, CEO and Entrepreneur. I work on national initiatives to help women learn about self-care which is linked to healthier families, at micro and macro levels.

But on a personal note: I am a person with a couple of pre-existing conditions. I have degenerative disc disease which caused me to now have neuropathy. I have pain everyday pretty much. Imagine going through all of this without insurance? Yeah… I know.

So, after learning to trust my legs again, after two major spine surgeries and a fused spine, I was then able to walk again every day. My awesome doctors actually made me walk the day after surgery! You can only imagine how happy I was after three months of not being able to move my legs due to sharp hot pain and agony.

Now, I walk every morning around my neighborhood and I’m BEYOND thankful that I got through what I did. I now have a job I love and that is how I got insurance. But the reality is that I shouldn’t have gone through any of this…I needed Obamacare then. I am thankful for it now because it’s going to help many people.

You see, I not only went through it, I see it every day at work, in the field and in my client’s home. Obamacare is needed. So when you see me traveling and volunteering for the #obama2012 campaign now you know why. Because I not only care about my personal health, I care for yours too.

I will vote #4more this incoming election. Will you? 


Smile (if you want)


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