My Thoughts on Health and This election: Planned Parenthood

I love how passionate people get… But know all the facts before being NARROW and Focused on JUST ONE issue. Know how that one issue affects THE DIVERSE populations, not just you. Its not just about ONE thing in this world. We have to work with each other, work harder at not being sinners, granted But also…

Also, acknowledging that HEALTH in general is more than just ONE thing. Its EVERYTHING. If you focus on ONE thing only, you loose grasp on what your neighbor needs too… And if you loose grasp on their needs too — how is that showing that you are loving them? “Love thy neighbor?”

Your Choice is your choice. This is WHY God has given us WILL. And I’m not just talking about Will Smith either… tho I am thankful his Handsomeness is alive. That’s probably because his mother Chose to have him. (Jada I respect you 100%).

What I’m saying is that Abortion is not for everyone, and I get that. I’m the last person to judge, I’m not throwing the first stone on this one….  What I am asking is that you open your mind about what Planned Parenthood does.

“Luvy Leal-Lawrence: Planned parenthood helps young low income women, such as college students get proper OB care and contraception to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Without it many women may miss regular exams and cancer screenings. Fact.”

Fact is: I was one of those young women in College who didn’t have health insurance and needed a yearly check up. I personally went to the doctors there to help me with services. The OB care was amazing! I learned everything I needed to know about HOW NOT to have a CHILD until I was ready. And let me tell ya, it worked.

So the next time you hear about cutting Planned Parenthood, think about all the women they have helped and all the abortions they have stopped due to their educational approach.

We were given will for a reason. What reasons will was given to you, may not be the same reasons they where given to me. But in the end we have to support and help each other.

So I’m helping to Shed some light.

Smile (if you want)

Jes Sofia

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