Effort I tell ya! : Doing what I preach…

I’ve been writing for a bit now for people out there on how to take care of yourself. Is anyone out there????  I hope so.

I’ve written about people; highlighting their strengths. Writing about how to look at your basics in life, instincts, follow your dreams, be modest to others and rest when you need to rest. Giving hope.

http://fsa.zedge.net/content/2/1/0/9/1-569997-2109917.jpgWell, I’ve been doing just that too, practicing what I preach. Resting, giving myself hope when pleading for spasm mercy! and talking to my besties (Best friends) and even crying on the phone to my boyfriend, yes I am human too…lol

He is awesome. My facebook quote last night: “I ♥ my bf. I’ve been taking meds to ease my cough etc… and I’m sleepy and meds make me feel icky and all emotional. He called… I cried, he made me laugh. I can always count on him even if far away. So excited he is coming home soon!” It also helps that hes an awesome man. Facebook people… geniuses I tell ya!

http://www.benettontalk.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/sick-teddy-bear.jpgWhat is going on?! you may ask. Well… along with getting fit, back better, I became so sick last month, got pneumonia/bronchitis, got better, then again got another strain of this horrible flu. Immune system weakness I like to call it. Can a girl get a break! hijola (e-hole-la)! (geesh in Spanish). It really took me down. Like for many of us out there…I think I slept for two days straight. Going to my family for only 3 hours for the holiday eve and my Christmas was filled with sleep. When I did wake up, it was to reply to text, tweets and some phone calls. I even attempted to speak to some friends…giving up only because when I spoke, I coughed. It is a bit funny now that I write about it because my last post was about having a low day.
More so, today my mom (awesome support) asked me to make an effort to get better because she was becoming worried. (When do mother’s no worry right?) So with my sneeze, red nose, I’m making an effort, I’m writing, she reads my blogs. Also, to make my mind begin to think that I am doing better. Sleeping another day will only make my back hurt more anyways. As if coughing helped right?  It is a string of things, coughing aggravates my back pain, which then makes me feel more yucky. I definitely will and want this to go away.

http://images.psxextreme.com/wallpapers/psp/Finding_Nemo_2.jpgSo this is my personal update to you. I’m better than two days ago.  My back is spasming after a lot of coughing but I’m resting. For those that know me,  rest for me is like telling a fish not to swim… but I’m doing it. I’m learning its a must sometimes. Life is a little lot of effort, to rest, is too an effort sometimes too.

I hope you had an awesome holiday! I’m excited for the new year! What do you think about the topic of New Year Resolution? ha! here is comes!

Happy Holidays,

Jes Sofia Valle

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