Easy Breakfast – french toast – sweet!

Do you ever want to start off your day with something Sweet but afraid of the calories?

I did today. It is raining outside, and oatmeal although wonderful, was a bit to cliche for me today. I know right.. food being “cliche” … hey hey now It was cute. lol 😀

So I looked in my fridge and saw two buns left over from last nights dinner.

All you need for this breakfast are four things:

  1. One Egg
  2. Milk
  3. Cinnamon/Nutmeg 
  4. Fruit 

I mixed the first three ingredients (just enough milk for your liking). Dunked the bread in. Sliced a bit of butter (smidgen) and placed in pan. Then I Placed the soaked bread in the pan.  Let them brown, added some Blueberries and Some light syrup. TADA!! food ready! 🙂  AND of course! I added a cup of milk on the side. It was a bit crunchy, soft inside, very tasty and I helped decrease the calories with the light syrup.  SOOO yummy! Enjoy!

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