Every wonder how many of your close friend and loved ones are long distance now a days?

Going back to us all being connected. Why is it that when you sense something about someone and you call them and think of them they say “OMG I was JUST thinking about you!” or “DUDE I was just about to dialing your number.” Why is this? What makes our bonds so tight that we can do this? Do we have telepathy powers?


AND If we don’t call when we feel we should…because we are too busy with our life, is that telling us that its not all about us? Hummm (Hollerrrrr! Aleluyerrr!)

Because Reality check! Life is not all about us! I mean we need to defend and “rekon” with our life and lifestyle… BUT we are not meant to be un-social “beans” (beings).

Well… I will tell you how I have achieved in friendships in this social media/computergenic cyberrific world…

I type…Hello! HA-HA! what else did you want me to say???

So next time you think of someone and want to see how they are doing, do it! Call them, e-mail them, text them, write an “old fashion” “snail mail” letter (i love getting those), hit them up on skype, yahoo, AIM, Dishnetwork, clone yourself, Blogg it, gmail it, Myspace it (no dead yet), Facebook it, High Five it, send an online fax, send a “old fashion” fax, morse code the Hello to your peeps. Heck send a telegraph! Have someone ride a horse to leave them a massage! Do it! You will make someone smile.

You will remain connected (point) and when the Aliens come to get us, someone in this earth will know your are gone to mars on vacation. (kidding)

Have a sweet day!

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