Friend or Faux?

Today’s topic… Independence – Dependence / Friend or Faux

As you can tell by the way I write, I hope you know that I’m a pretty independent girl. I’m usually doing things on my own and I try not to “bug” anyone if I can do it myself. Well, yesterday an event happened in my life where I not only became sad, but it made me aware that I am not She-ra…too old for ya?


She-Ra: Princess of Power. She is the alter ego of Princess Adora and the twin sister of He-Man. She-Ra was intended to appeal to young girls in the same way that He-Man appealed to young boys.

I can’t drive as much… it causes pain and that troubles me because I (IIIII) usually fend for myself. I don’t ask people for help and if I delegate I usually have the need to oversee it… It is a “self preservation issue”. I AM WORKING ON IT! >> 🙂

So, Yesterday I was talking to my D and he told me “trust in your friends babe; stop being so independent and let them show you how appreciative they are of you. Not only will that build your relationship, but it will also test those that were only there for the free rides and whatever you had to offer.”

So I got to thinking, how true this is… I have so many people in my life that I casually call a friend, but in the end, who really are my friends? (I mean i know who are my life long friends, but as life, they don’t live too close and I have found myself meeting new people…) And If I had to ask for rides would I be a burden? Of which I was sequentially replied, “friends never bug; embrace your relationships and see how rewarding they really are or not.”

So I’m going to try something all too old for many people, but something VERY NEW for me. I’m going to depend on my friends. I will be conscious that not everyone can help me, but If your out there… (Yelp) HELP 🙂 I’m in need of rides on Tuesday and Thursday to go get therapy done and see my doctors.

So with this, I acknowledging that I am not She-ra… I only hope to be her this Halloween. That I can be independent and dependent; as my girl said, “[I’m] a social creature,” and that I am. And “asking for Help is part of being a Grown-up.” I feel like i’m just maturing on this one… all good. 😉

So, again, I hope you take from this what you may, and acknowledge who your friends are, you trust them to be there, and allow them to be there. That no matter how independent you are you will need to depend on people sometimes.

Live, love, be!

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