Being Positive for your own good

Something about life that I have learned thus far is that no matter what happens, I am to remain positive. Granted, I have been though much in my Short lifespan…and though at times I did not think positive, everyone else around me knew that positivity was what I wanted and need. I think by now remaining positive and calm have attached to me like my name.

Moreover, I like to be positive because only life knows what great things have come from being positive. Along with great health. Lower blood pressure, less stress, increase other things, and low bad other things… get it? 🙂 The way you think = the way your feel.

Not to say that I have not had my days where I am sad, or have become angry… I just try to bring it back to staying positive. After all, I am a human. It’s healthy to be angry at what one goes through, but I also have seen, that if you let it get too far, you’ve done just that, you’ve let it go too far.

So next time your day goes bad, feel it, but get back to a balance and not remain on sour note for the rest of your day. You body may be taking it in, and you may not even know it.

Live life, Love, Smile and Be… if you choose to be happy.


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