A Cake for Kids: The Fight to Stop Obesity in Children and Teens


Obesity is the number one Chronic Illness in Children today.  I see parents giving children candy because they want the child to adhere to the home rules.

Moreover, I hear parents say that they would rather buy a child a cake for their good behavior, than to spend time making a mess by making a make a cake or crafting a toy… You already know where I’m going with this one…
So… this is why I bring up the cake… have some control on what a cake means. Take back the cake!  After all, aren’t you the one educating the child to be a healthy individual?

Remember when a cupcakes or cakes where made as a prize, and not displayed at the dinner table for a snack or made for dinner?

Sadly, I’ve seen this happen in the homes too many times. It is inexpensive, the child gets fed, and the child is happy because they get their way, which stops the yelling and screaming. Please stop making cakes in replacement for dinner or to quiet the child. PLEASE STOP! You are permitting obesity in your home.

I’m not saying that cakes are bad. Making a cake with your child is messy and fun! However, what will both of you get out of making makes? What are the benefits for both you and your kid? Answer: A LOT.  Have a Plan. You can teach an array of skills while making a cake.


1. First of, you can educate your child on Nutrition.

  • Education: Which may be the number one thing lacking in American homes as you can see, we are obese child and teens in this country. 
  • Teach about healthy eating habits
  • When eating a cake is good or bad, teach them boundaries with food.

2. You actually spend time with your child; teaching him or her skills… it it priceless.

  •  This is very important because you if you do not give your child positive attention they will act out pretty much.

3. You allow your kid to know that they are capable of doing something with help.

  • This helps them become aware that they are not alone in life. 
  • That you as the parent are there to guide them and Support them. 
  • That you actually took time out of your busy life to make a cake with them! 

4. You show your child math, reading, comprehension skills, and life/social skills.

5. You have fun! Why not make a mess?!  After all, isn’t what why we have Brawny Paper Towels for?

6. You can teach them how to dance it off and make it a you and child party.

Again, engage with your child and teaching them how to burn off all the sugar calories they ate with the piece of cake. Don’t drill it on them on the info, you don’t want them to become anorexic. But educate your child on nutrition. Teach them how to become better healthy Human BEANS! 🙂

7. You have a healthy Child.

Everything in moderation.

Smile (If you want)

Jes Sofia

 Editors note: I’m “big boned” and too am losing weight. It is VERY hard as an adult.  It is easier as a child. Start them off right. Thank you.

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