LA Riots: My Memory

File:1st Marine Division along Crenshaw.jpg
1st Marine Division along Crenshaw. Wikipedia.

Twenty Years ago someone burnt down Mr. Lims market around the corner of my house during the LA Riots. I lived in the City of Watts, CA. I always remember my brother telling my parents what was going on. And Me, having to stay in the backyard playing through the fence with my friend Vanessa because we could not go to each other’s houses (next door to each other) and because we were not allowed to go due to early curfew.

I remember my teacher telling us about what was going on, more so, what was happening again. I wondered if this would happen again 30 years from now. I remember it being interesting to hear that the past was repeating itself. How they went through something similar in the 60’s and now we were going through the same.

How time passes and the simple memories created during the time of other’s hateful actions stay in one’s life 20 years later. I begin to wonder if there were services provided to us children in this time to process and better understand what we felt, heard, read, and saw. I don’t recall. My parents and brother did a very good job in keeping me safe. But the commotion on the streets, I cannot forget.  Seeing the black owned signs, the burned buildings, The helicopters, the news, the ongoing noise, shots fired more the usual, sirens on more than usual at night while I fell asleep.

How I wish I was there then at my current state now to help.

Jes Sofia

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