My MacBook

Dear All,  

So I have had my Maccy (MacBook) for a VERY loooong time now. Today it die! Out of no where! I would NOT turn on!  I felt sad, more than sad, freaked out as I was thinking that I needed replace it after — years of having it. Nevertheless, I can say that my Mac stayed strong. Maccy had a minor surgery, in which a piece was removed and a new one implanted and I am very happy to say that I am able to write this to you on my Super Strong Maccy. What can I say? I’m very proud of this amazing machine. I really didn’t want to give it up. Maccy has gotten me through a whole bunch of everything. Business, blogging (of course), shopping, Foundation, writing, paying school loans, all which I do revolves around my Maccy.

*Sigh*…Maccy is OK.

So I went shopping with my computer emergency money… And Bought me my Hudson. Hey Maccy is ok, I have to celebrate right? 😀

Smile (If you want)

Jes Sofia 

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