Your Diabetes Is My Diabetes: A Bilingual Family Matter By Issac Itman

Your Diabetes Is My Diabetes: A Bilingual Family Matter

By Isaac Itman
Back in his native Venezuela, Manuel Hernandez was working for a company which required a mandatory annual physical examination among its employees and that rule eventually helped him find out about his diabetes.
“When I was young we used to watch our diet at home and although I wouldn’t say we had the healthiest diet, we would control what we ate, especially sugars,” he said. “I was aware about diabetes because I had a family history of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes on my father’s side.”
The 35 year-old electrical engineer who now lives in Orlando, Fla., said that in 2002 he was overweight and through his annual blood test his doctor found that his blood sugar levels were high, around 150 mg/dl. Back then, his doctor put him on a diet but in spite of losing weight, his blood sugar levels were still elevated and eventually, he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and began to take oral medication. Read More

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