Making You

There are a lot of things that you go through life to make you happen… You work so hard to create your name, to make money, to live life, party, have fun, get healthy… the list is ongoing.. it is life after all.

So why is it that we forget the number one thing?… What is it Jes? YOU!!!!!

In an ongoing fast pace city we become so involved in creating a life, a brand… that we forget why we are doing all of this. I see it on TV, people forgetting to take care of themselves and living Life.  I hear it with the people I talk to, it even happened to me.

You see…I became so Involved in making me happen… that I forgot about me. By “me” I mean, my physical health, my mental health, my lifestyle. I deserted my friends, kinda, my family saw me like once every three months. Yes… and My spirituality… I stilled believe in what I do.. but I did not take action in what I believed.

It took, two spine surgeries and finally a car accident to realize and hear my friend’s and mother’s “continual nags” saying to me… “sit, take some time to rest, eat, sleep.” I was a contradiction. I wanted to help the world, when I was not placing my oxygen mask on first.

Why is it so hard to give YOU time? 

Becoming someone is an addiction,  especially when you enjoy being a professional you. You live to make a name… when all you have to realize is that your name was given to you when you where born (Deep right?, I thought so). You see… becoming a you means taking care of you.

Here is a list of Common Things you check off to allow you to be you.

  • Breath – Do things that you can to chill, relax, sit and breath. 
  • General check ups- Get to a doctors. if you don’t have insurance hit up a general free clinic. 
  • Exercise: This use to be my weakness… I didn’t do what I should have done. But it’s the best thing you can do!
  • Eat healthy. Its actually less expensive the make healthy meals than to eat out. Its a recession people! 😀 
Mental Health:

  • Woosah!  Take time to do a woosa moment. Again, BREATH. 
  • Focus on yourself. This is NOT being self-centered in the negative (conceited) meaning. It is  allowing yourself to focus on the you. Where you are going. Where you are coming from. Where you want to go. 
  • It is NEVER a bad thing to center yourself. But like with everything too much sometimes is never a good thing. 


  • You don’t have to believe in anything if you don’t want. But not believing is actually believing in something too.. you believe that you don’t believed. 
  • Get grounded in what you believe. Look at what drew you in to believing the first place, and why you stopped. 
  • What did your parents, family instill in you? 
  • How do you fit into your own Self-Culture into your family, you daily culture?
  • If you don’t know anything about your family history, or religion status… how can you change that? By looking for it right? SO get to it. ones: 

  • Make time! MAKE TIME! 
    • You can live alone… some people are built that way… but MOST are not. 
    • You are the one who calls the shots… this then allows you to say YES I HAVE TIME for the people I care for. 
  • Spend that time you will take to give them and make those memories. This does not have to be expensive either. Hanging out and catching up at the park or while getting your exercises on. Make time to call back and give reasons as to why you cannot make it to things. 
  • Allow your friends and family to be there for you. Asking for help does NOT mean you are weak. Its the opposite. It helps you know who is really there for you.  

Enjoy life. You only have one here on this earth. You are not a cat, and you don’t have 9 lives. But in this one life, you have time to make your life balanced. To be able to take care of yourself, your name, your brand, you. Its what you make of it right? So make it balanced, if you have you in tact, then you will have time for everything you allow. YOU ALLOW.

Smile (if you want).

Take care of you,

Jes Sofia Valle 

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