Woman’s Moment, What men can do to help.


Have you even hear of a “woman’s moment?” This is where you feel the need to be needy and cuddled and just be the princess of the world? I will not lie, I have gone through one, two months ago!  It’s been to the point where I just wanted my significant other to just _(fill in your choice)_ to shut me up. Particularly when I’ve freaked out and I cannot use my words… It’s called a tantrum (being honest). lol

The Funny thing is that EVERY woman I know has gone through one of these ever so often. I don’t care what profession you are in, you have had one at some point. It’s a Mars vs. Venus moment and you just have to go with the flow if you want her. If you don’t, you have a great opportunity to pin it on her and jet out. (but you know you just didn’t want to put in the work). 

….At the end of the day, a woman just wants to be held, heard and felt wanted.

So MEN… here are some ways to cope through this… Are you ready?

1. Sit down and ask “What is wrong?”
2. Listen, don’t talk or try to tell her what to do (unless she asks)
3. Hug her, cuddle, kiss do your manly duties
4. Make her feel like a princess…
5. Once she is calm and happy, tell her what she did was not cool because (enter your words on how you thought and felt when she was going through it).
6. Do not shut down…. It makes it worse. It becomes a cycle and they loose trust.
7. The next time she does it follow 1-5.

With time, she will know that she doesn’t have to go through her tantrum to get your attention or be afraid that you will be mad or shut down. As long as you are consistent you will be fine and she will be happy… “Happy wife, Happy life.”  Happy Husband, Happy ____… (whatever you want to make it).

I hope this helps a little. 

Smile (if you want)

Jes Sofia

Agree or Disagree?  And women take accountability for it too. 😉

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