What to add to your planner…

“So What do I put in my planner???”

First of all…buy a planner from Franklin Covey

After you get your self and your family planners.


  1. In your planner plan time with your family. 
    • Usually I ask the parents (if you have kids) to help them write it down. If you have teens to communicate about it and help them write it down.
      • Make time to have dinner with your family.
      • If you are on a budget, its even better cook it… make a new “i remember when Dad or Mom use to cook” time. 
      • Board Games.. not boring games… board games.  
  2. Write in time for you. 
    • Remember, with out placing on the oxygen mask first, you cannot help someone else.
    • Give yourself time to make you count too… after all don’t you help run the home?  Would you like to have a sleepy pilot flying the plane? I don’t think so. Make it so that your loved one, even if its just you, get a great you. 
      • Gym time
      • Personal time 
      • Lifetime (Movie channel)
  3. Work…. 
    • http://judykerrblog.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/snoopy.jpg

    • Your goals
    • Your inspirations
    • time working 
    • meetings

    Allow yourself to be organized… It will help you with a lot in your busy life. Just don’t do a Garfield. LOL


    ***If this becomes overwhelming, start slow… and remember these are just suggestions. You can add more or less to your planner.

      Thank you,

      Smile (If you want)
      Jes Sofia

      QUESTION: How do you make your life run as smooth as you can make it run???

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