A one sided relationship with Michael Kors


As you may know by now… I have a thing for Michael Kors and his designs; his fashion. I tend to look at what brings to Nordies to match my wardrobe daily.  It is a relationship I have with him with out him knowing… you know how that goes. Like when you were a teenager and you had a crush on a boy and would tell your girls how you wish you could just sit down and chat with him… but when he speaks you run away…

Well, I wouldn’t run away from Michael Kors, but I would defiantly smile and carry a conversation about how much I like his style.. his brand… his mind. He is gay I think, so there is no way I could ever marry him… But I wouldn’t mind being a Muse.

So this are the Items I LOVE for right now… this too changes as I see new things… this just comes with being in a one sided relationship with Michael Kors… LOL

Yes, I am silly.  Oh the Joy of writing…

MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Sailor' Wide Leg Jeans (Plus)You can find these at Nordrstoms

And you can find me Shopping at:
The Grove LA
Westside Pavillions 

Who is your favorite? And where do you shop?

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