Travel can help decrease stress

This past summer I met a nurse from London. No… not like that. He was totally gay! He was amazing in taking care of me… he told me all about London and how I must go one day. And I think there is something to it. To travel abroad, to London. There is something about getting away that helps make everything better. Call me an ambivert. I love to be social but I gain energy being alone instead. I think this is what a lot of people don’t understand about me… I can be both an extrovert and an introvert. It’s a balance I hold near and dear, one I foster in front of the fire place along instead.

Anyways, to travel and relax and get to know new people and explore anew city! Maybe do France instead. Maybe so Spain again. Ever want to do that?

Last Month I did Mammoth Lakes… Amazing! Do you love the snow as much as I do? …. ?⛷I had so much fun! Totally relaxed and chilled! The gorgeousness help too… ?☃️

Send me pictures from your trips! I’ll love to hear your stories and allow them to be memories of your joy in bed and breakfasts … here how to choose to go ahead:

1. Point in a map where you want to go.
2. Do some research what you can do where you want to go. Then, narrow your list to just a few things.
3. Buy your tickets and if your planning for next year… save save save separately for your trip.
4. Find and air bnb or depending on your finding a place to call home base away
5. Tell your family where you will be.
6. Get on the plane or travel machine and go ahead.
7. Enjoy yourself and let yourself be instead.

Enjoy your travel.

Smile (if you want to)

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