Make Time 

We are soooo busy. We have life going on and its on and on and on and on….

So when do you have time for your friends or mate? >>>>ANSWER: When you make time.

You see, time is there, it will always be there, until its not..because your gone, yet time remains. But when you choose to make time for someone, no matter how busy you are… you are letting them know… Hey you, I’m taking time out of my busy schedule because I like to spend time with you.

Personally These are the things I do to my friends and lovey to show them I appreciate them, or I’m thinking about them.

  1. I tell them I miss them or that I’m thinking about them. 
  2. I ask to schedule some time with them 
  3. I cook lunch or dinner
  4. I ask for their time… they are busy too… can’t expect them to be waiting on you alllll the time. 🙂 
  5. I am direct, there is no “Oh babe… i really would like to go to Santa Barbara SOMEDAY.” I say hey, when are you going to make time so we can go to Santa Barbara? With a smile 🙂
  6. Be assertive, but not rude! Your woman or man will be turned off as fast as they got turned on if you are rude. This all depends on your relationships… there are passive or aggressive people out there… you fall in one or the other or both…Yes, No one is perfect. Personally I like… wait I won’t go there…LOL
  7. Smile, kiss and hug. 

Are there any other things you do to help you keep your romance going as you MAKE time for your friends and loved ones?

Talk to me.

Smile (if you want)
Jes Sofia

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