Have you ever been robbed?

Its most horrific experience I have even been though. And I’ve been through a lot… with surgeries and what not…

I feel like someone came and took my safety away.
Like no mater how long or how much I’ve been in my home and spent time to decorate it or what not… I want to move.

I wonder… Do people who come into people’s home, and steal, ever think of the person they are stealing from? And if they are, are they not afraid of possible consequences?

I wonder, If I will feel safe again living in this home. Let alone, I’m always happy…I’m not feeling so happy today.  This one was totally unexpected. I don’t even know how to explain it. I can only imagine how it feels when you are in the home while being robbed. I don’t even want to imagine to be honest.

But I’m still alive. And with time, I know I will safe again. Just have to give it time the cop said.

So with this I leave you a thought, Something I’m telling myself over and over right now…
  Let no one take away your safety, or anything you don’t give them. If for some reason they they try to, always remember you are in the situation you change it.

And please if you have emotions, use them… they help…let it out… you don’t want to be angry keep it inside and not be able to express it… Hence my weirdo blog today…

I won’t lie, I’m super scared…and I’m looking at new places to live as I write this.

Have a safe night,



  • Jes, I’m sending you my love and a big hug. Don’t let fear take the best of you. Be grateful that nothing happened to you.


  • So sorry to hear you were robbed. What an awful feeling. My bike was stolen in the spring time from our parking garage. I felt totally violated and unsafe…I can only imagine the feeling intensified when your own home gets robbed. With time you feel safe again, just takes time. Glad your ok not hurt, will say a prayer for you tonight.

  • Jes I am so sorry to hear it, I also want to move, my neighborhood has changed drastically since I moved here and not for the better. Until you can move, change your locks, and put safety gates on your windows! 🙁

  • Hi Jes, I totally understand how you feel now, It happened to us, and we passed through that horrible feeling too, they literally broke our front door to get in. Fortunately we rented that house so we had the option to move and we did.

    If these people knew the psychological harm they caused us, then they’d think twice before stealing again. I hope you’re fine, and that you recover soon.


  • I am so sorry this happened to you. Sending hugs!

  • 🙁 May you feel safe again in your home or elsewhere.

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