The Troops are Home! – The Act of Being.

According this Morning’s E-mail, “early this morning the last of the troops left Iraq.” -Barack Obama

I am very excited to hear this, as I have a lot of friends who has siblings, friends, cousins fighting for our safety. I want to say with ALL my heart that I am VERY THANKFUL for all your hard work, all you have survived…may you have peace that you are home and you can literally protect your loved ones now and they can feel that they can protect you too.

It is always a good feeling when you are near the ones you love, there is no feeling like it. To be able to talk, communicate and tell your stories even if fresh. A remainder to the families that have people coming back, you may not ever fully grasp all that your loved one went through in the war, but being there, being supportive and loving them is important. They May not want to talk about it yet, but being there when they do and listening will do good. The act of just BEING is Bigger and Stronger than you can think.

Having to re-adjust may not always be easy, but it can defiantly happen when you make it happen. I am Thankful that the troops are back! Now let us serve them as they served their country to keep us safe. They are defiantly heroes.

This is “A reminder that we all have a stake in our country’s Future, and a saying in the direction we choose.” -Barack Obama

Props! Thumbs up! High Fives! I wish i could give all Vets a hug right now!

Happy Holidays!!

Smile (If you want)

Jes Sofia


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