Speed up Your Morning Routine

By Michelle Goodman from Las Fabulosas

Busy juggling your kids’ routine, your work emails and countless other to-dos every morning? You probably don’t have time to glam up on your way out the door. The right products and a little preparation can shave an hour off your busy schedule.

For glowing, killer skin, pamper your cutis the night before, says Jackie Cioffa, celebrity makeup artist and author of the blog Make up to Model Citi Zen. Apply a regenerating serum that’s packed with antioxidants to help protect against photoaging. Then, apply a night cream on your skin and an anti-aging cream under your eyes. Rinse your face and apply a light moisturizer. When you get up in the morning, your skin will be fresh and ready to go.

Right after you finish brushing your teeth, brush your lips with a wet, rinsed-off toothbrush to remove any dry flakes from chapped lips. Next, apply a moisturizing lip balm. Look for one that isn’t sticky and is full of antioxidants. Then add some color to your lips with a lip stain in a berry color.

For a golden glow, mix a liquid bronzer with moisturizer to avoid any shading, and then blend with a brush. It will leave your skin looking fresh and glowing. Next, use a lash curler for an eye-opening lift, says Cioffa. Apply volumizing mascara in your color of choice.

Take a cream-based shadow and sweep it once over your eyelids. Finally, with a synthetic brush, apply concealer under your eyes.

If you have oily hair but no time for washing and styling, use a dry shampoo, says Rafael Nieves, owner of The Heights Salon of Brooklyn. It will refresh hair and make it look and feel cleaner.

If your tresses are dry, mix a bit of leave-in-conditioner with water in a spray bottle. Shake, spray your hair, shape with your fingers and allow to air dry.

Straight-haired gals: Wrap your hair around your head and cover it with a silk hair wrap overnight. This will prevent tangles in the morning. Remove the silk wrap, brush and you will be ready to go.
Michelle Goodman  is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in beauty and health

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