#Recovery after #Surgery

It is hard to go through a surgery. It is like learning another language. It can be easy and difficult. But all depends on you. The way you see things, the way you interact with the people who are there to help you advance while you recover. 

Here are some Tips to help you with your recovery: 

1. Chillax 

This means calm down and relax. You are in recovery for a reason. It means you are healing from something, wheather it is a physical ailment, such as a broken bone, or surgery, or some sort of trauma, its good to take some time to focus on your body. This includes your mental health.  

This (I can attest) is one of the biggest things that many can have trouble with…What is this sitting down and not doing nothing? It may be foreign for some, but welcome to learning a new language.  Allowing your body and mind to be in sync is the number one thing one HAS to allow to do in order to heal correctly. Make sure you follow your doctors orders on what exercises to do, and what you “can’t do.” 

It takes time to get use to the not doing much while you are not doing your exercises, but you can read book and write, and even play uno with your people. 

2. Listen to your doctor. 
This is one person you have to trust to continue to work well. This person, or people or group of doctors are there for your own good. They are there to make sure that you are able to continue to recuperate, even tho they may annoy you when they tell you not to do something, or that you are doing something too much. 

I know I trust my doctors with my life… 

3. Follow the rules. 
The whole… rules are meant to be broken does not exists in this time of your life. Well, at least not yet. Rules where done because there is something about rules that will keep you safe, wheather is it no bubble baths for a month, or no walking too much or too fast. Or Don’t bend, bend 1/4 of the time, raise your leg, don’t do yoga because you might break open your incision…. they are endless, follow them.

4. Allow people in your life. 
If there is anything that I have learned the hard way is that there will be people who want to help you and be there for you. You just have to say ok. For instance the last time I was going through treatments for my spine, I had friends who would be there for me, but I never let them in. I had men wanting to take care of me and I pushed them away. I learned not to push anyone away. And I also learned that there are the type of people who really and truly want to help you will stay and make sure that you get help too. It goes both ways. Recently, (a few years) I began to be with a group of friends that taught me what friendship was, they found out what was wrong with me, came to me to the ER when I told them I was going through hard time, and other friends came with me to the doctors. They taught me that I needed to tell someone what was going on and allow them to be with me through the hard times. 
You learn who wants to be in your life through the hard times. You learn who wants you in their life after surgery. 

5. Keep your mind busy. 
Just because you can’t move, or shouldn’t move or are told not to move, that does NOT mean that you cannot keep your mind busy. Other than getting a GREAT 8 hours or more of sleep. While you are up, in some pain, reading a book always allows your mind to be distracted from pain. Puzzles from the newspaper, writing down your thoughts, poetry. If your thoughts are too dark, call someone to talk to and make you laugh. You know who your funny friends are, reach out and allow them to make you happy. I recommend that you keep your spirits up. Your mood does have a lot to do with how you heal. If you need to go to therapy, then go. Also, there are some therapist that go to your home, if you cannot go to them for some reason. 
6. Music. 
Listen to music that makes you glad you are alive, and that you like. If the music you listen to is negative and about how you will not do well…. well guess what? Yup, it won’t help you. 

7. Family. 
Some are good, some are no good. You know them better, trust your instinct. I know I’ve counted on my family for a lot of my life. I love them and sometimes you would be surprised who in your family will be there when times get hard. 
8.  Less stress 
Its time to have less stress… if you are not allergic, place some candles in the evening and medicate/Pray whatever you feel comfortable with. 

9. Listen to your doctors. And go to appointments. 

10. Listen to your doctors. 

Smile (if you want to…) 

Jes Sofia

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