#Adjust to #Change

We are creatures that Move. We move home, apartments, cities, jobs, states, we drive too much and we sit too much too. So what do we do when our “routine” has changed?

Here are some tips to help you Adjust to your new ways.

1. Look for the things you like in your new surrounding area. They may not have your favorite things, but they may have something better. Remember its how you perceive things. If you like your shrimp and veggies, find a place that gives you shrimp and veggies. If you like Trader Joes, then look for a Trader Joes.  Don’t be afraid to try out new things too… part of change is experiencing what you didn’t have before and now you do.

2. Make sure you know where the police station around your new surrounding is at. Safety is always important. Know the hospitals etc. God forbid you need to go one, but its always good to know “just in case.”

3. Take pics of your surroundings. I’m not saying post them on Facebook or Instagram. I’m saying, learn to love where you are around. Find the details that allow you to look for, search the beauty of where you are at. I’ve learned to look at nature. AND I love pictures so it goes hand in hand.

4. Let people who you trust know where you are at. This way, just in case you go off the rid… you have someone know where you are at (Again, safety).

5. Traffic. I know here in Los Angeles (where I’m from) we have traffic at various hours of the day, and other times, we don’t. It all depends on where you are at and where you want to go. use traffic finders to seek what routs would allow you to get to your daily and “normal” routs faster and more efficiently. The last thing you want to do is stay in traffic after a hard days work and you come home to your new place and start to hate it because of it… Oooo child!

6. Enjoy your new change. Accept the fact that you are growing, allowing change in your life and being at one with you and yours.

7. Sit in your new place and allow the good vibes to come on in.

8. Drink water. And DECORATE it pretty to your liking (if you want).

9. Relax as much as possible.

10. Smile.

Hope this helps some.
I talk from experience.

Smile (if you want to).

Jes Sofia 

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