Raining or snow? Burrrrrr

Its raining in Los Angeles. I can only imagine how cold it is in the east. burrrr. My friends sent me a picture out of their house…with snow! talk about cold!..

If I were in the snow this is what I’d wear:

Special Blend Crash Jacket (Women's) - Egg Shell
Special Blend Crash Jacket (Women’s)

And If right now I’m wearing in my Los Angeles Cold…  Enjoy the cold! And look super cute!

Style&co. Coat, Three Button Black & White Tweed Walker

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  • Southern California is getting a crazy amount of wind and rain this week! Stay dry and safe if you have to drive. I’ve noticed outdoor stores have some pretty, stylish rain jackets on the racks now. Finally!

    Katie for Ouidad

  • Jessica Sofia Valle

    Hi Katie! Yes! It is and it has not stopped at all! I saw some Jackets at Nordstrom this weekend for $45-80 and they were nice!!!

  • Sales, sales, sales! I’m loving the post-Christmas fun! 😉

    Hope you have a great New Year!

    Katie for Ouidad

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