Elianne Ramos: Giver with out expectations.

Happy Birthday to me… like I informed you earlier this month, I will interview Strong women as my choice to celebrate my birthday month.  I hope you enjoy this selection.
Elianne Ramos is the Principal & CEO of Speak Hispanic Communications/PR. She is the Vice-Chair of Communications/PRLatinos in Social Media [LATISM]. On twitter she is the hostess of LATISM every Thursday. 

http://www.latinastyle.com/currentissue/v16-4/ima/sm4.jpgElianne “was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Moved to New York at 16 an currently lives in Baltimore, MD. In between,  she lived in New York, London, Italy, Massachusetts.” and has “travelled to 30+ countries and all over the US.” She expressed “When I grow up, I’d like to move back to Italy, buy my own vineyard and become a full-time artist [painter, writer].” She is “a self-confessed workaholic, but her family is her rock. “They are the ones who give me the strength to keep going when craziness is swirling around me” she says.

She loves “public speaking and social media; the connections that are made.” As Vice-Chair of LATISM, she says: “That is what I love about LATISM and the amazing community we have been able to create for Latinos online and in the social sphere. These connections are like an energy drink for the soul, they are what inspire me to share my ideas, insights, my talents and expertise.  I find that once you tap into the collective wisdom of the world, the words flow freely. ” She allows herself to be known. I always read her say, Social media is personal to me. Someone who bares her soul.  Her drive comes from her passion. She has “been in Marketing/PR/Communications for over 15 years now and in this crazily-changing world, passion is the only thing that keeps you sane.”
Elianne keeps her balance by “making time for my family and for myself” she says. Also “by disconnecting [online] at least one day during the weekend. She also, travels, which is one of her passions, so I shes made a pledge with her family to have at least one major vacation every year, and to visit our family several times a year, not just during the holidays.” 
 When I asked her, what about her makes her strong, She expressed: “I’ve been told I’m a bit stubborn, but people say that like it’s a bad thing. I prefer to call it persistence/passion/inner drive.” I will agree, she made stubborn into a positive. She continued saying “I also believe in helping others without expecting anything back. One’s personal power is multiplied exponentially when used to enable others to own and exercise their own power.  When you share the abundance around you, it comes back to you a thousand-fold.” Words to live by right?…Giving without expectations.

She is influenced
by “the many strong women role models in my family, and my mom is by far my biggest inspiration. To see how she was able to deal with so much while we were growing up and still managed to raise three professional, responsible adults reminds me that no matter what life throws at you, you can still do the right thing and come out on top.”  “As a writer and geek, Elianne derives her inspiration from authors and artists like Isabel Allende, Italo Calvino, Garcia-Marquez, Frida Kahlo and so many others.”  “Reading, art, traveling, keeps the writing spark alive in her.”
She read dictionaries “a habit I picked up when I was little.” ” I’m fascinated by words in any language. So far, I only speak three [if you don’t count Spanglish LOL]: English, Spanish and Italian… wish I could learn to speak every language in the world.”She is also a funny  woman.
Ellainne “would like to fulfill her life mission of helping others, whether it is by inspiring them through my actions or by encouraging discussions that may awaken their passions. It’s at the heart of everything she does, and she prays to be able to do that every day.”  

When asked what suggestion you can give women about anything she stated, in no particular order:
“·      Set your priorities right in life
·      Honor those who came before you, open doors to those who come after you
·      Discover the joy of travel: it awakens your passion for life. Plus, it’d be a shame to leave this world without seeing most of it, don’t you think?
·      Speak your mind. Many of us have been taught that saying what we think is not polite, especially Latinas. The world is ready for your voice, let it out!
·      Harness your femininity without losing your dignity
·      Harness your talents with pride without becoming too full of yourself
·      Harness your power without stomping on others
·      Be humble enough to ask for help/advice and to admit your mistakes
·      Don’t forget that before anything else, you are human”                                                                                                                           
Her three words to describe December : “Food, family and Fiesta! The holidays are the time of the year to revel in our Latino-ness, our heritage, and I’m planning to do just that!” I would agree. December is the best month, but that is my bias because its my birthday month. 
A woman the gives with out expectations. Loves to help, a traveler, writer, business woman, mother, self proclaimed workaholic and a woman that knows how to keep her balance. This is Elianne Ramons. How great is she?
Thank you for your awesome Interview Elianne
Smile (If you want),

Jes Sofia Valle


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