People go through a lot on the Holidays

People go through a lot in the holidays…

We have shopping, fighting with someone who took the last toy, we have parents and kids getting silly, we have pumpkin pie fights (LOL), flour in the kitchens fights for fun. We have work, vacation, planning vacations, cleaning the house, being with kids, what else?   (let me know, I’d love to make the list bigger)…

It is the season where you remember your family, friends, loved ones, losses, sad, happy, joy filled, wacky moments you spent with you family and friends. A lot of people tend to reflect on the past and tend to stay there for a while.

If you have happy memories, enjoy them.

If you feel like you are having harsh memories, Remind yourself of this:

You are able to read this blog right now, think about the fact that you are blessed to be. Plain and simple. Being is a miracle for us everyday. If we didn’t have air, we could not be.

Everyday is a blessing.

I have to be thankful for your support, your reads and your likes. I appreciate you.

I’m making rum balls this holiday… will place the recipe out soon!

To Life!


Smile (if you want)

Jes Sofia

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