Parent Monday

So do you ever get too low in the beginning of the week?

What have you done during the weekend to wear you out? If you have children, my empathy. I know how much being a mother/father takes. Not because I have them, but because I’ve learned and seen through all of my friends who have them. And yes, I do give them breaks by having them over for the weekend. It is a lot of work!

If you are both Mom/Dad and on the “Go” parent… what did you do for yourself?

I know that when you have a child you have to be unselfish. A given.
However, How can you be a parent if you do not give yourself the time you need to recuperate? I’m just saying… Its not like I’ve gotten parent patients before coming stressed out, freaked out, and super overwhelmed because they don’t have any time due to their children or anything. (Being a smarty here).

At the end of the day your kids will suffer too… not just you. Think about it.

Make time for you! I’m not talking about leave your kids or neglect them either. Be balanced. So you will be happy, less stressed, better focused and you can teach your children how to be less stressed, happier, and better focus. After all, they learn from you. They are sponge Bobs that soak up all your doings, mock you and many times are your mirror.

Things to do for you:

Single mom/dad? Find friends who love kids and will sit for you for a few hours at your home so you can go take 3-5 hours to yourself. Make sure you come back home with in that time limit… you will miss your kids after that.

A walk at the beach.
While at the beach, relax, sit, breath, cry if you must. Write. Dance in the wind like your kids do.
A walk/hike anywhere.
Write a book of being a parent.

Married or together parents:

Make plans to spice up your relationship and yourself.

Take one or two hours for yourself. Then, some for your partnership to grow.

Go out with a friend. Catch up with what is going on in life.

These are just some ideas… If you have kids, I’m more than sure you will come up with some creative ideas for you.

Live Balanced.

Smile (If you want to)

Jes Sofia Valle

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