Frustrated and cooking to alleviate

So Today I fell frustrated.

So I cooked, and Cooking alleviates my distress… Now I just need my BFF to come over and eat it. LOL

You see… I am Miss Communication. Yet this weekend I was expecting to be told a time and date of something that is to come… but I have not received it. So this frustrates me (it has been two days since I asked, and Asked today Again…nothing). Oh yes, did I mention it is a VERY BIG thing for me to know this info?  I’m using my patience…now.

So what I did instead:  I cooked. I bought some sausages at Trader Joe’s, bought some cilantro and other veggies at Bristol Farms off Beverly. Then Got home, cooked the sausage. When the sausage was done, I added some Balsamic and added squeeze of ketchup. I poured a glass of cranberry juice and topped it off with a bit of beer.  I ate it while watching LOVE HAPPENS. After eating my meal, I ate a cup of Greek Honey Yogurt.

Very weird, I know. But It was good and I like to mix things up. 

And the funny thing is that My frustration came out in my food…because as you can tell by the pics below, I burned my Sausage a little a lot.

I’m feeling no longer frustrated now and enjoyed my movie.

Writing this made it even better too!  LOL. Thank for listening.

Does your food come out like you feel?

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